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Singapore-Cambridge Curriculum Holistic Education

SCIA adopts the Singapore-Cambridge curriculum, known for its rigorous academic standards and emphasises on critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Infused with components derived from SCIA's holistic education comprising of:
- Cognitive
- Aesthetics
- Moral
- Physical
​​​​​​​- Social

International Learning
Global Exposure

SCIA offers students opportunities to participate in global competitions, engage in international learning journeys, and collaborate with other reputable institutions worldwide. This exposure aims to broaden students' horizons, cultivate global citizenship, and foster cross-cultural understanding.

Proficient Educators Enriching Learning Experience

SCIA is staffed with seasoned practitioners with at least 15 years of experience, who have undergone rigorous training. Our subject-specialists are committed to delivering high-quality education by bringing depth and passion, igniting every child's curiosity for learning. Individualised lesson plans and subject-based banding are carefully curated to nurture the joy of learning and develop multiple pathways that cater to students' different strengths.


Our students are guided to be curious and to ask questions as part of their learning process. Through consistent questioning, they sharpen their ability to think logically and to perform constant reflection.


Our students are given opportunities and encouragement to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through a variety of activities in art, music, movement, dance, role-play, and design.


Our students develop a sense of social conscience and global awareness by taking part in charitable and service learning activities in the community.


We provide students with the opportunity to take part in a range of physical activities to develop their dexterity and sportsmanship, thus contributing to good health, well-being and character.


We prepare students to be leaders of tomorrow by helping them better understand the interconnectedness of the world and appreciate the complexities of the human experience.



We prepare students to be future ready by integrating core skills such as creative thinking, collaboration, critical thinking, design thinking and cutting edge info-communication technologies into the curriculum, to nurture spirit of entrepreneurship.


We are dedicated to exploring the different avenues in which our students could rise to the occasion to be leaders, and help them develop their skills. Leadership development in students are embodied in our Character, Leadership and Global Education (CLGE) Programme


We prepare our students to grasp the ability to make sense of information, evaluate evidence and solve challenging problems, through our inquiry-based experiential approach in STEM education.


Han Daluy

MoEYS Chief of Governance Office
(Parent of Grade 6 Student)

I trust Singapore’s education because I know that they only provide the best quality of students. I think if Cambodia follows this model, the country will have more capable and highly-skilled human resources that can help in the country’s development.





Chhan Kanora

Advisor (Rank of Secretary of State) to Ministry of Commerce
(Parent of Grade 3 and G7 Students)

My wife and I believe and have seen evidence that SCIA embraces and practices a culture of excellence, whether it be academic or operational. Some of the indicators that this culture permeates SCIA are the deep thinking and conceptualization behind SCIA’s integrated school development framework, and the outstanding track record and work ethics of all the SCIA employees.

Chanda Hun

Executive Director & CEO, Mito Hotel
(Parent of Grade 2 and Grade 6 Students)

In order to succeed in life, I believe it is important for education to support my children’s holistic development, not just in academic subjects. I believe SCIA can do so with its holistic education approach as well as signature programmes in entrepreneurship and leadership.

KONG Vannak

Chief Executive Officer of Tiger Power Import and Export Co., Ltd.
(Parent of Grade 6, Grade 7, and Grade 12 Students)

Invest in child's education is the investment that will never be lost. I have done so many research for international schools in Cambodia to put my children in. I am so lucky to have found SCIA for my chilren. In SCIA I can see the future for all my three kids, where they will graduate to their university of choice in Singapore and what they will achieve in the future.

David Luy

Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
( Parent of Grade 10 and Grade 12 Students )

Our children are very happy to be part of SCIA. They love the way of learning at this school. Every day they learn something new. Most of the teachers uphold a high level of professionalism.



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