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What is the “New Normal of Education” today?

11-May, 2021 | Parenting Resources

Research shows that 85% of the jobs in 2030 have not been invented yet. 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in a completely new job types that don’t yet exist. What we know for sure is that there will always be problems the future generation will encounter. Then how do we futureproof our children, for challenges that we cannot foresee? Since we cannot predict the problem, we cannot prepare them by providing the solution. Instead, what we can do is to equip them with the skills needed to find solutions to the problems they will face by providing the best education possible.

The face of education has been evolving and will continue to change as time goes by. The idea to pass certain knowledge and skills to children began to the first humans on earth. Back then, each family unit is responsible in educating their young ones with basic survival skills, such as self-defense tactics, hunting skills, and others. Then, the idea of grouping a few children together in a public place to learn those skills came up. The first concept of formal school started on 500 AD in Greece and Rome, where the subjects taught were no longer basic survival skills, but started with how to read and write, which then expanded with subjects that we learn in school now, like Math, Science, Literature, etc.

In order to educate more people who do not live in the same area or country, distance learning started in the 1800s and rapidly grew on into the 1900s, in parallel with the advancement of technology and communication. They used parcel post and radio before the evolution of computer and internet which is came to be known as online learning used constantly these days.

With online learning, people are able to create virtual classrooms that are not restricted by distance nor location. But, the purpose of education is always the same, which is to prepare the younger generation to face and survive in the unknown future. However, the medium or channel used to deliver that education has transformed, as technology is advancing and situation changes overtime.

As the covid-19 pandemic hit on 2020, online learning has become more and more popular to make sure that education still goes on in spite of the condition that hindered teachers and students to conduct the same class in a same physical room. Could this be the new normal that we need to embrace to survive better, instead of trying to avoid it? Yes! We still need to future-proof our children with high quality education in the midst of the pandemic. The learning journey of our young ones cannot be paused just because the whole world is slowing down due to the virus. Instead of pausing it, we need to adapt with the new normal of education with the online learning and home-based learning to ensure our children’s education keep going while they remain safe at home. Understand that parent, students, and teachers need to adjust with a lot of uncertainties and changes that might be uncomfortable at the beginning. Dad does his work from home, mom prepares the food, children studies online – all are happening within the same four walls these days. However, bear in mind the picture of our children’s future success is thanks to their parents and educators who have done their best to make sure that their learning journey still continues in any circumstances – online or home based learning is the new, creative way to go. Together, we can overcome this!