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Universal Accessibility and Feasibility in Mind

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Learning Gateway (LG) is a professional platform providing opportunities for professionals and enterprises to excel in a forward-thinking environment.

We promote the relevance for technical and soft skills, connect outstanding individuals, and inspire them to take initiatives that trigger transformative impacts.

Our Core Values


Our instructors come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. They draw on real-world experience to deliver you content, skills, and tools you can put to work for your organisation immediately.

Our Core Values

Continuous Learning

We are a continuously learning organisation that aims to nurture lifelong learners. We promote the development of 21st century skills in all of our programmes.

Our Core Values

Complete Learning Experience

Our programmes offer an exceptional educational experience. Using dynamic combinations of moderated discussions, case studies, hands-on activities, and breakout sessions, every course delivers an interactive and informative experience.

Our Core Values


Our quest for relevancy and applicability are the core objectives that we uphold as our watchword.

Our Core Values

Customised to Your Needs

We appreciate your busy schedule. We deliver effective programmes that range in time and commitment. We customise courses to meet the needs of you or your organisation.

Progression Through Lifelong Learning

Individual Learning

Question Everything. Except for Your Potential

Today’s professionals and executives must be able to quickly develop and fine–tune personal business skills to adapt and grow.

We provide executive training and professional development programmes design to enhance your skills in areas including leadership, marketing, and business development, communication, management, and project management.

Enterprise Learning

Using innovative learning techniques, we help to design customized solutions for all levels of your organisation – from the board and C-suite right through multiple leadership levels so that new behaviours and mindsets cascade throughout the organisation to enabled continued transformation.

Training Formats


Interactive, detailed, and structured training programmes all year round


Our training courses tailored to your specifications


The convenient alternative to classroom and in-house programmes

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