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What is Education & Career Guidance?

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) equips students with the knowledge, skills and values needed to make informed decisions at key education stages to successfully transit from school to further education or work. Learn about it.

ECG helps students gain a better understanding of themselves so that they can explore relevant education and career pathways that enable them to make informed decisions and develop their education and career inspirations.

Importance Of Education & Career Guidance

- Rising ambitions of our youths
- Social mobility

- Changing education landscape
- Bridges and ladders

- Engaged workforce
- A lifetime of careers

Key ECG’s Initiatives

Education & Career Guidance Series

Under ECG’s initiatives, the ECG knowledge-sharing series is a platform where students get to meet with experts and professionals from different fields of business and gain inside information on different pathways leading to future career options. Our ECG series welcome both SCIA and public to take advantage of the platform and join in crafting their future.

Higher Education Fair

Our Higher Education Fair brings together students and institution representatives to meet and discuss about Singapore as a study destination.

Through our annual education fair, students will get the chance to find out about courses and majors offer by different universities in Singapore; tuition fees, living cost; information about scholarships and grants; get in touch with the alumni and more.

For more information about choosing your major or study in Singapore, stay tune for our upcoming events!

Or simply reach out to our ECG consultants via the contact number provided below.

Employability Courses

We understand that optimising your future employment is a potential key factor in choosing your degree at a university. Discover our special designed courses to enhance your employability skills and to find out your interest in your career choices.

Contact us now to find out what courses are available for you!  

ECG development framework

( From Primary Level to Working Life )


  • Building Self-awareness and personal management 
    • Explore personal strengths, hobbies and interests
  • Exploring education, training, and careers
    • Build awareness about the wide array of occupations in the world of work
  • Develop plans and decision-making
    • Explore secondary schools and set goals in learning

Exploring & Planning

  • Building self-awareness and personal management
    • Develop self-awareness in areas of interest, abilities, values, and career aspirations
  • Exploring education, training, and careers
    • Explore relevant courses of study and pathways linking to the world of work
  • Develop plans and decision-making
    • Develop skills to plan, discuss with significant others and make decisions and careers & post-secondary education choices, based on the understanding of self, study paths, and work

Crystallisation & Planning

  • Building self-awareness and personal management
    • Clarify and define career self-concept
  • Exploring education, training, and careers
    • Develop skills in acquiring and using sectorial career information to make career decisions
  • Develop plans and decision-making
    • Develop institution-to-work transition skills Develop skills in planning and making informed decisions for further education and jobs

Developing & Transitioning

  • Building self-awareness and personal management
    • Take ownership of own career development
  • Exploring education, training, and careers
    • Develop skills and networks to facilitate entry into chosen career pathway
  • Develop plans and decision-making
    • Navigate the world of work confidently and manage career transitions

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